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Cristina Azaharez ღ

Hmm, what can I say? better yet, what can I NOT say about this girl. She's what 14? you would never guess that. This girl acts so mature which is why I even talk to her, hah. She fucking gorgeous, her eyes bro ♥.♥ her body, her a** LOLOL, her personality too. She really doesn't give a fuck, so don't go thinking otherwise. I know cause she's been bitchy to me sometimes :x but it's kaaay, cause I fricking love this girl :$ i love you soo much Cristina. You're someone that I can talk to when i'm down, and you know i'm here for you, when those fuck nigga's try to mess with you. Cause you're MINE >:} and if you dont go to Gables next year, i'll stop talking to you.. hah, cause i wanna show you around school, walk you to class, and eat lunch with you ):< so don't break my heart okay? OH we fricking need a picture(s) together, cause wtf ._. lol, well just know cutie, that i'm here for you, and that I adore you, and if you need ANYTHING tira me por el blackberry, muuah ;* I LOVE YOU BOO ♡ - Naisha ∞

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